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Wrestling Programs

General Program Information

Our youth training programs are designed for wrestlers between the ages of 5-14yrs old who wish to seriously improve their wrestling skills. All youth level members will have the opportunity to train and compete in all 3 styles of wrestling (Folkstyle, Freestyle, & Greco-Roman) during their perspective seasons. Youth wrestlers who are committed to competing at a high level will have the option to train year round, partial-year round, or by the season at Peak Performance Wrestling Academy (see season breakdown below). The Peak Performance Wrestling Academy (P.P.W.A.) Youth Program will not operate as a TX-USA Wrestling Club.

Youth level wrestlers will build onto their current wrestling knowledge, experience, and abilities by learning basic and advanced systems of proven technique. In order to reach a higher level of wrestling, our students will have countless opportunities to compete against the best at national level events across the country. Aside from the national competition exposure, Peak athletes will receive elite instruction year round, have first-hand enrollment access to all of our camps and clinics before they go public, as well as the chance to train with other serious athletes in our area. Each of the 3 seasons will bring new techniques, challenges, and points of focus which will assist in keeping the training regiments fresh for our athletes. Standard curriculum throughout the year will consist of reviewing basic fundamentals, increasing scoring abilities, intense drilling sessions, troubleshooting, strength & agility training, nutrition education, and improving mental focus/motivation.

Peak Performance YOUTH students will have 4 different levels of classes available to them based on their skill level (i.e. Levels 1, 2, 3, & Elite). All incoming youth wrestlers will enter our academy as Level 1 with an immediate option to test for a higher level if the student feels they can meet the requirements of an advanced level. All testing must be done in sequence, a Level 1 wrestler will not be allowed to test for Level 3 without testing out of Level 2 first. This testing process is our way of creating evenly skill-matched classes to maximize training. As the old saying goes “Iron sharpens Iron”. This is a simple process that consists of an athlete performing a series of essential techniques on command that coincide with their current class level. A student must score 80% or higher before advancing on to the next class level. The requirements for each level will be made available at Peak Performance Wrestling Academy for all wrestlers to view as they wish. A child may only test out of the same class one time within the same month. Each level will designated by the color of their training shirts (i.e. Level 1 & 2 = Gray, Level 3 = Black, Elite = Gold).

Enrollment package options


    Post-season, Pre-season, and In-season Programs

    Classes will be held two times per week throughout the year. August is an OFF month, but there will be ‘Private session’ options available on first sign-up….first serve basis. All students will have the option to attend the Technique Sundays if they choose to add a third session per week or in the instance they miss a weekday class (package add-on & single Sunday purchase options available).


    Post-season, Pre-season, and In-season Programs

    Wrestlers are eligible to attend any one out of the two classes per week. This option is truly designed for those multi-sport athletes that want to improve their wrestling abilities, but at the same time enjoy playing other sports. Our Peak Performance staff strongly believes that every child should participate in as many activities as they can for as long as they can. By participating in different sports, young athletes are forced to use many different muscles groups to meet that particular sport’s demands which in turn will increase overall athletic ability. This increased athletic ability will only help them on the wrestling mat. The flexible package is the best option to allow families to squeeze in training at our academy all the while participating in other activities.


    Post-season and Pre-season

    Classes will be held two times per week from March through October (with the exception of August). This is an option designed for wrestlers who are ONLY seeking advanced training outside of the traditional in-season (winter). These athletes will then return to their current wrestling club programs where they will continue training through the entirety of the in-season.


    Pre-season and In-season

    Classes will be held two times per week from September through February. This package is ideal for individuals who wish to get an early jump on the upcoming competition season plus add some additional training hours on their home club’s off days.

  • *An In-season ‘Technique Sunday’ package is also available upon request for those students who wish to receive additional technique and basic fundamental tutoring in conjunction with the wrestling education they’re receiving at their home club.
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