Iowa Style - Texas Tough

Mastering Technique, Mastering Details, Mastering Fundamentals


Season Structure


Initially, training will focus on final preparations for national Folkstyle events, and then switch to Freestyle & Greco-Roman training. Our international style wrestling classes will prepare our students for local, regional, and national events.


Our academy focus will be specifically geared towards the upcoming Folkstyle season. Training will consist of structured drilling, technique review & education, live wrestling, and intense strength & conditioning circuits. This is an ideal time of year to polish existing technique, learn new skills, increase cardiovascular conditioning, and put the final touches on an individual’s strength gains. Nutrition assistance will be available for members who are interested in maintaining a healthy bodyweight all the while certifying for a permissible weight class.


Academy focus will remain on Folkstyle wrestling with the primary goal of assisting youth club & high school athletes in their preparation for local, regional, and in-season national competitions. All students who train at P.P.W.A. during the winter season must be members of a youth, high school, or college program in order to enroll in one of our academy programs. We will not field a local competition team. In-season classes will always consist of the following agenda: troubleshooting, technique Q & A, essential drilling, motivation, video critiquing, and intense live wrestling & conditioning with other skilled wrestlers from the area.

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